James Paterak

In his job, James Paterek is the Chief Strategy Officer of Millbrook Support Services, a company that helps government agencies find medical professionals, nurses, advanced practice providers, and other staffing services.

Paterek & Company, a private consulting firm, is also run by James Paterek. Paterek & Company specializes in the Human Capital sector. This includes companies that hire, outsource, and consult on this area.

James L. Paterek was formerly the founder and chairman of COMFORCE Corporation (formerly ASE: CFS), a significant publicly traded staffing, outsourcing, and financial services corporation employing over 11,000 employees. Through its 76 worldwide locations, the Company engages in three business sectors: human capital management services, staff augmentation, and financial outsourcing services.

COMFORCE was designated the fastest growing public staffing agency by SIA for two consecutive years under the leadership of James Paterek. In those two years, COMFORCE boosted its net revenue from $12 million to almost $500 million ($800 million system-wide revenue) and its operating profit from $245,000 to nearly $31 million. The increase was fuelled by year-over-year organic growth and over a dozen prudent acquisitions.

James L. Paterek was formerly the founder and CEO of a $300 million private investment holding company that acquired portfolio companies with combined annual revenues of $500 million.

James Paterek has extensive experience acquiring, financing, and integrating companies, having completed over twenty-eight acquisitions and generated over $600 million for investment in those organizations, in addition to many years as an executive manager and leader of service-based businesses. James L. Paterek has extensive experience raising capital and managing public companies in the financial markets.

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